Monday, April 30, 2012

Spring really is here this week.  We had a heavy downpour all day last Thursday and it brought the leaves out on the trees almost overnight.  The days are sunny and warm, the blossoms are out in the fruit orchards, the large yellow balsam root are flowering on the hillsides, and the mountains themselves are green for a while, until the hot hot sun turns them to shades of brown. Our valley is at its best at this time of the year.  The creeks are running high with the snow melt off and two purple martins and a sparrow are vying for our nesting box.  So far the sparrow is winning wings down, he's much faster than the martins and we have to keep plugging the hole to keep him/her out.
Over the last few weeks I've read "The tragedy of the Korosko"  a very politically incorrect tale by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, about a group of travellers on board the Korosko, sailing down the Nile and taking side trips to see the local sights of interest.
Unfortunately "the children of the desert" have an eye out for profit and capture them to take them to the Sudan for ransom or trade.  When the camels are in danger of expiring  because of their heavy loads the Emir decides that it is not worth transporting "infidels". However if they will just convert to Islam then it might be worthwhile.  A thrilling tale, with lots of excitement and intrigue, unique characters - some like the Colonel, alas no longer with us - a few cliffhangers and a surprising ending.  Very different though from his Sherlock Holmes stories.  An enjoyable read, I found.