Thursday, April 28, 2011

In the same theme......

as the previous two books (Islam, the Middle East), I took out "Fifteen Days" by Canadian journalist Christie Blatchford. She spent several visits with the Canadian troops in Afghanistan in 2006 and writes their stories and the stories of their families.  The book gives a vivid picture of life in war torn Afghanistan.  The troops are always in danger from IED's, RPG's and suicide bombers and work in temperatures of 50 degrees and over, in isolation and with minimum or no creature comforts.  They work long hours and days over periods of several weeks, but they are loyal to each other do their job well.  She writes of the soldiers killed and injured and their families so that they become people and not just names on the evening news.  Most of the book is about the Princess Patricia's Light Infantry 1st Battalion from Manitoba, soldiers that all Canadians can be proud of.  Hopefully their work there will leave the Afghan people better off in the end.

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