Saturday, June 30, 2012

Our Lady's Message at Fatima.....

......It has been a while since I last posted.  Most of the books I have been reading have been library books and some a bit of fluff.....("Before I go to sleep"..I figured out where the book was going in the first 1/3 and kept reading to see if I was right! I was! and "The Lost Garden" which took me 7 weeks to read, I just couldn't get into it)...
....One book I have just finished however is "Fatima for Today" by Fr. Andrew Apostoli subtitled "The Urgent Marian Message of Hope".  It is well written, not sentimental or sensational but just tells the facts as they were recorded by the children and by witnesses. It ends with Cardinal Ratzinger's Theological Commentary. It contained lots of detail and information that I hadn't read before, for instance Sr. Lucy's life after becoming a nun.
It is amazing that the Miracle of the Sun is so little known, considering that between 40,000 to 80,000 people saw it on October 13, 1917, many of them hostile or unbelievers.  My Father saw the light in the sky before World War II from our front window in Charnock Richard..... a red light right across the sky.
The book contains Mary's message and plan to convert the world and bring about peace.....trying to follow it as best I can.....Fr. Apostoli also puts to rest the conspiracy theories that the Consecration of Russia was not done by Pope John Paul.  It is a book to read again, and to take to heart, and put into practice.

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