Thursday, January 27, 2011

Grey days of January......

...just right for reading.  Have finished "The Power and the Glory" and got taken with the story by chapter 3.  The surroundings and the characters are sordid but there are redeeming lights...unexpected instances of human compassion in some of the characters.  The whisky priest is flawed and too despairing but he hasn't entirely given up.  He makes attempts -if feeble- to carry out the work of a priest and he's on the point of despair.  In the end he gives up his life to go to the aid of a dying man, whether out of a resigned acceptance of his fate or a real wish to carry out his priestly duties isn't clear.  Perhaps it's a bit of both.  A sad tale with most likely elements of truth about the situation and the human condition.  At any rate no one knows how they would react in similar situations. The kind actions shine all the brighter because of the darkness.

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