Sunday, January 23, 2011

Peter Pan etc.

I watched "Peter Pan" on DVD hoping for a good children's story.  I remember we put this play on in school years ago. I was supposed to play Peter but Mother Lucy changed her mind about me because she said my voice was too sad.  Here I was a little disappointed in Walt Disney's version.  Too much silliness and too Americanized.  I was never a big fan of cartoons, but I think this is the only version of Peter Pan available.  It's a good children's story and it's a pity he messed around with it. I'm sure children don't need the silliness to be entertained, at least they didn't used to need it.  I wonder too about the message contained in the story, that Never land and escaping from real life are necessary.  Now that I'm old I really believe that dealing with life and getting more involved in day to day realities is the best way to improve things, not escaping from them.  Though I suppose in extreme conditions escape into a fantasy world for a while might give some relief.  At least Wendy realized that she couldn't stay and brought the children back to the real world.  But I wonder which message children would remember.
We also watched episode one and two of the British Drama "The Pallisers" produced in 1974.  It's taken from the book by Anthony Trollope and tells the story of an aristocratic family during the Victorian Era:  young people fall in love, man not suitable (a bit of an adventurer), marriage arranged by adults to carry on the family line and protect their assets.  I think that Plantagenet will make a better husband for Glencora than the man she fancied.  I liked his statement when the old Duke was telling him that he should marry first and then do whatever he pleased:  that marriage means fidelity.  Good for him!  Twenty six episodes and all in the library.   We're looking forward to the next two episodes when they become available.
I also took out the CD of "Peter and the Wolf" by Prokofiev.  I'm trying to learn more about music than just listen to it, and thought I would try here with something simple for children.

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