Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Light reading for the Christmas season

On my way out of the library a few days before Christmas I saw "Rumpole at Christmas", short stories by John Mortimer, on display.  I'm not a Rumpole fan and have never watched the series on Television, but I thought this would be a good chance to get to know him and have some light Christmas reading.  He's a delightful character, the stories are easy to read and it makes one think that the old England has not quite disappeared yet!  The book was published in 2009 so there's even a story about a Muslim student who issues a Fatwah against a professor, for including a chapter critizing Islam in her new book.  When the professor is found slain Hussein is the prime suspect and hated by all, but Rumpole going above and beyond his duty to defend his client hires a private detective to get some background information about the slain woman's family.  The case is not as simple as it seems of course and justice is finally done.  Tales of court are told with a cozy English background and the truth always comes out to protect the innocent and confound the guilty.  It's a fun read.

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