Sunday, December 19, 2010

Redemptor Hominis and Verbum Domini

Reading about Pope John Paul has inspired me to read Redemptor Hominis (Redeemer of Man) his first encyclical.  Anyone who has read this could never say that he was out of touch with the modern world. "Atheism as a human phenomenon can only be understood in relation to the phenomenon of religion and faith.  Even from a human point of view it is wrong to see atheism as the only right of citizenship in public and social life, while believers are barely tolerated, treated as 2cnd class citizens or deprived of rights of citizenship".  I just heard this week how day care centres in Quebec, by law are not allowed to explain religious symbols or the meaning of Christmas to the children, and there are inspectors going around to make sure that the law isn't broken.  What secularists don't seem to understand is that they are not neutral, there's is a positive belief, something that they are forcing on others, and they say they are doing this in the name of tolerance and acceptance!! They also seem to forget that parents are the primary educators of their children.  Other states that have banned religion from schools are the Nazis, Communist Russia and Communist China.  What strange bedfellows.

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