Thursday, January 19, 2012

Another author.....

....writing about Islam.  Bernard Lewis:   "The Crisis of Islam".  It's a short book, easy to read, and gives an overview of the Islamic Faith.  And now I've started reading Robert Spencer's "The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam". 
The thing that comes across most is how little we know about Islam and its true teaching.  I think most of us have a hazy idea at best. 
It does seem that the militant Islamists are very good at pointing a finger at everyone else for their troubles, and pointing out the faults of others, but with very little reflection on how they have contributed to their own misfortunes and failures themselves, and how they continue to contribute.
Other people have been invaded, repressed and had difficulties over the centuries, the Hungarians and Philippino's come to mind, yet they don't waste their time blaming and atacking others for their misfortunes.
Another aspect is Islam's mandate to conquer the world for Islam, whatever means are used.
Christianity wishes to spread its message to the whole world but by voluntary conversion and persuasion not by force.
In the early days of Christianity the Faith was spread by the preaching of the Apostles because they preached a message of redemption by a loving God, and freedom for all.  Christians were usually the ones who were persecuted.  We were not taught by our founder to kill for the Faith, as Muslims are taught by theirs.
When people feel entitled to whatever and have no sense of gratitude they become an ever open void which no amount of appeasement can fill.
Rights come with responsibilities and respect for others, and that is true for everyone.

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