Saturday, January 14, 2012

Other books I read over the Fall....

were "The Great Heresies"  By Hilaire Belloc
"Hungary in the Cold War" by Borhi
"The Sword of Honour Trilogy"  by Evelyn Waugh
"A Canticle for Leibowitz"  by ?
"The Canadian Century"  by Roy Strong
"The Devil's Arithmetic"  by Jane Yolen
"The Origins of Christian Zionism" by ?
"The Balfour Declaration"  by Schneer
"God's Voice Within"  by Mark Thibodeaux S.J.
"Henry V"  by Will Shakespeare
"The Myth of Hitler's Pope" by Rabbi Dolan
"Cranmer"  by Hilaire Belloc
"The Closing of the Muslim Mind"  by Robert Reilly
"The Help"  by ?
and currently:
"For God and Tyranny"  by Walid Shoebat

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